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The Mychron® Story

Launched in 2017 in Oakland, California, Mychron Extracts is a connoisseur boutique brand revered for creating high-quality, well-crafted cannabis products that are distinctly designed and consistently effective. 


In our early years we focused predominantly on the art of hash making, which is where both our company name and logo stem from. “Mychron” is a play-on-words combining the unit of measurement used in hash making — known as a “micron” — with the slang term for cannabis: “chronic.” 


Our company name can also be interpreted as “My Time” because “chron” means “time” in Greek. We like to think of this as a nod to the long-lasting, super-charged effects that our products have been specially designed to enhance. Time is precious; let us help you savor the moment.   


Mychron’s logo, which looks like a cursive “u,” is actually the mathematical symbol for a micron (known as a “mu”). After we established our lab in Oakland and began producing vape cartridges, we added a final detail to the art: the outline of a droplet around the mu to represent our expansion into the high-end hash oil market. 


Today, Mychron Extracts has enhanced its product line even more, specializing in meticulously crafted, superior cannabis products that include live resin, cured resin, vape carts, prerolls, and — true to our roots — classic cold water hash. 

At Mychron, we believe in the importance of putting care and quality into our products. Our goal is always to leave you feeling wowed and amazed with every use. Throughout each step of the process — from the package design to creating the perfect balance of smell and taste — we ensure that every experience with Mychron Extracts results in memorable highs, enjoyable times, and lasting results. 


Not only are we particular about what goes into our products, but we also  offer a well-curated and eclectic selection from which to choose. Every type of individual — from novices to seasoned users — will find products they can enjoy and a reason to come back for more. 


We know that when you put in quality and care from the start, the results will be even more amplified and impressive. It’s not just something you can taste, but something you can also smell, feel, and most importantly, experience. 


At Mychron, we do more than just get you high. We’re about creating enduring moments — ones that can be savored beyond the last hit, ones where you can truly feel the chemistry. We’ve got you covered. 

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