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Live Resins

Sugar | Sauce | Microdiamonds

At Mychron Extracts®, we believe in creating enjoyable cannabis experiences for every type of user. With our broad spectrum of curated, high-quality extracts, we focus on using only the best materials to ensure consistently effective results.

Mychron® Live Resins


Sourced from potent, high-quality fresh-frozen flower, with a fine, sticky texture this consistency is ideal for getting the perfect dab. It hits that sweet spot with a delightfully pleasant and satisfying high. This sugar is a sweet treat that won’t give you cavities.


Extracted from fresh-frozen flowers this golden hued, cannabinoid rich delight possesses a loud flavor palette and silky smooth texture. One dab of this terpy sauce will curate a satisfying experience that your mind and body will thank you for.


Our Micro Diamonds are everything you’ve been looking for in a live resin. Beloved for its exotic flavor profiles and supercharging capabilities, this chunky, sugary, sauce provides the perfect consistency for dabbing. With its natural intensity and high terpene count this concentrate can help unlock bursts of clarity, creativity, and enlightenment.

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